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About Us

Why Choose Campbell Solutions?

In 2002 Campbell Solutions LLC was founded as a response to the growing technological needs of businesses in north Mississippi. Our staff quickly expanded, and now includes over 30 years of combined experience from a range of markets in both corporate and private industries. We realize each and every client requires personalized attention in order to obtain a total understanding of their goals. This philosophy enables our employees to not only meet your immediate requirements, but also provide consultation on where your business stands today and where it can be tomorrow.

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Our services now encompass a wide range of cost effective solutions, but remain focused on the following core computing concepts: network infrastructure, cutting-edge hardware, customized software applications, and various ecommerce solutions. Through the fusion of these skills our teams are able to tackle projects of unlimited scope, and fulfill almost any technological request. Utilizing our situation specific adaptive business model will help your company operate smoothly and give you peace of mind that any IT need can be achieved. Contact us today for more information about how our qualifications and experience can work for you!

our services

+Business Consulting
Within the last several years, business consulting has become increasingly popular. At Campbell Solutions, we will send consultants to use techniques to issues arising in your organizational or business setting.
+Network Administration
Network Administration is the process of controlling and maintaining a computer network. Many small businesses do not have an IT department or staff to do this very important job. Campbell Solutions can do it for you! We can be involved as little or as much as you want. We can handle the mundane day to day tasks or just be there for the big problems or anywhere in between.
+On-Site Maintenance
With On-Site Maintenance, Campbell Solutions can dispatch a technician right to your location. The technician diagnoses the problem and has or orders the parts. The technician installs the parts and checks that the system is working properly. Our overall strategy is to excel on behalf of our clients, and we will provide new product and support services at both a local and global level.


+Enterprise Hardware
We offer several hardware options to meet your business needs.
+Custom Software
At Campbell Solutions, Custom Software is a central focus of our business. We provide application design and development through all aspects of the software development life cycle. We pride ourselves in providing low cost timely solutions that address you business needs. Let us open the doors to the posibilities your computer system can prvide.
+Website Design
Campbell Solutions, LLC specializes in website design and development with great service at very competitive website design prices. Our professional website designers work with each of our clients personally to assure website development solutions which are right for each business.

meet our staff

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    Steve Campbell


    Steve is experienced and motived in all things that are high tech. He strives to make your business more successful through the cost effective use of technology.

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    Sean Allen

    Enterprise Tech

    Sean has the education, installation experience, and knowledge necessary to meet every need of your enterprise technology.

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    Support Staff

    Support Staff

    Campbell Solutions employs a variety of experienced knowledgeable technicians to help you with your technology needs. More details coming soon.

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    Maintenance Techs

    Support Staff

    Campbell Solutions employs a variety of experienced knowledgeable technicians to help you with your technology needs. More details coming soon.

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